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About Us

• Alteya is dedicated to providing the highest quality essential oil-based products at the most competitive prices. Our products are manufactured in Bulgaria and embody the marriage of century-old traditions with modern technologies. Bulgaria is known as the 'Country of the Roses'. It is situated in South-Eastern Europe and is considered to have the best climate and geographical disposition for the cultivation of oil-yielding plants and the production of the highest quality essential oils in the world, such as Rose Oil (Rose Otto from Rosa Damascena), Lavender Oil (Lavandula Vera), Wild Geranium Oil, Wormwood Oil, Basil Oil, Sage Oil, and many others.

•We offer products straight from the heart of the Bulgarian Valley of Roses and Lavender and ship to most countries in Europe, North America, and Asia.

• We ( are a private Bulgarian company specialized in the production and export of high-quality Bulgarian essential lavender oil and rose oil. The company owns several rose and lavender plantations in the world-famous Bulgarian Rose Valley.

•The company meticulously selects the rose plants, hand-picks the rose blossoms, and distills the highest quality essential oils which are exported to customers worldwide.

•Lavender is harvested from July to August, when the hot summer sun brings the essence up into the flower. The harvesting is done with more and more automation, but the older fields with narrow rows are still picked by hand. The lavender is dried for 2 to 3 days before being transported to the distillery. Another method (from other sources) was to move a small still from field to field during harvesting, and process the lavender immediately upon picking. Whether immediate or with dried lavender, there were "mobile" stills, and later, small stills were built at many of the fields.

Our Customer Promise

We are 100% committed to providing expert service to ensure full customer satisfaction. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or recommendations toll-free 24 hours a day at 1 877 4 ALTEYA (425 8392). For countries outside of the United States, please dial +359-42-655107. You can also always send us an email at

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