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Organic Body Butter - Bulgarian Lavender
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Organic Body Butter
Bulgarian Lavender
/USDA Certified Organic/

Restoring & Relaxing
With Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil /Lavandula angustifolia/
100% Natural, 96% Certified Organic Skin Treatment

Awaken the natural beauty of your skin! The Organic Lavender Aromatherapeutic Body Butter by Alteya is a unique natural blend of rich organic butters and essential oils that help your skin look its best. This rich botanical blend works from head to toe, improving skin texture and restoring its moisture balance. It protects skin from flaking, chapping and irritation and slows down the premature aging process. The specially formulated body butter provides gentle, intense moisture, restores softness and shine and improves the cell renewal process. It increases hydration and skin elasticity by forming an invisible veil protecting your skin from free radical damage. This natural remedy, rich in vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids, will swipe away dullness and dryness, delicately smoothing rough areas, to reveal luscious skin that you will love.
As it instantly beautifies your skin, the aromatherapeutic effects of Alteya’s Restoring & Relaxing body butter also help relieve stress and fatigue - the sensuous, calming lavender aroma eases tension, induces relaxation and increases sensuality.


Massage over clean, damp skin after bath or shower. Reapply on dry, rough skin as needed.

Active Ingredients:

Lavandula angustifolia /Organic Lavender Oil/: Refreshes and soothes the skin. Its healing aromatherapeutic properties help relax the mind and reduce anxiety while stimulating mental capacity. It is known to help address skin problems related to acne and rashes.

Vitellaria paradoxa /Organic Shea butter/: Rich in mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, it intensely hydrates the skin and improves its elasticity and natural glow. Has excellent healing and restoring qualities; helps protect skin against harsh environmental factors and dry weather. Helps against sun damage and photoaging.

Rosmarinus officinalis /Rosemary extract/: Deeply moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Has anti-irritation and repairing properties that tone and firm the skin and improves blood circulation.

Vitamin E: Fights the free radicals and slows down the oxidation process that leads to skin aging. In combination with Vitamin A, it is highly effective in skin regeneration and cell renewal. Decreases the harmful effects of solar radiation on skin.  

Organic Beeswax: Has emollient, soothing and softening properties and helps skin retain moisture. Has antiseptic, healing and mitigating effect and its anti-bacterial properties protect the skin from infections.

Prunus armeniaca /Organic Apricot Kernel Oil/: Very light and easily absorbed by skin oil. Rich in vitamin A, nitrilosides and Linoleic Acid, it helps dry, irritated and sensitive skin heal faster.

Olea europaea /Organic Olive Oil/: Softens skin, protects and improves elasticity. Olive oil is high in poly-phenols, an essential class of antioxidants known to slow down the aging process.

Cananga odorata /Organic Ylang-Ylang/: Balances skin by regulating oil production. Has toning and stimulating effect on the skin and possesses strong aromatherapeutic qualities-stabilizes mood swings, relaxes the nervous system and boosts sensuality. Known as one of the best natural aphrodisiacs.

Size: 1.69 fl.oz. / 50ml


Organic Body Butter
Bulgarian Lavender

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